Digital Branding Activities for Events

Digital branding concepts can provide more value than tangible assets as well as being a more sustainable option for events to provide integrated opportunities for sponsors.

  • We Optimum Promotions as a Event Management company in bangalore we always looks in to innovative ways to brand our events.
  • Digital branding options can be more flexible and customizable than other alternatives, which opens the door for creativity.
  • We offer you the solution where in digital space where monitored engagement takes place. Offering you a package combining traditional and digital branding which is an attractive way of engaging with the user.

Task assignment strategy

Hashtag Strategies provide you the most value for sponsorship because they don’t cost a dime to create. While that’s true, you don’t own them exclusively and without an investment in time and resources, no one will know about them.

Social Media Displays is one of the most prominent examples of digital engagement during live events are social media walls. Often during events, eyeballs are locked on this area as it hopefully complements and adds to the overall experience.

Conference Apps are constant companions and attendees are often dependent on them during the days they are attending an event. Each section within the app is an opportunity for sponsorship and the more aligned with the section that sponsor’s services or campaign is, the more beneficial the relationship can be.

  • Hashtag Strategies
  • Social Walls
  • Conference Apps

Provides the statistics of the different quality scores and the scoreboard can provide information on various aspects of operational efficiency.

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